måndag 3 december 2012

Finally we are getting there

Releasedate 31/12 2012:

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN “Ritualer, blot & botgöring” LP [SK01 / archivmaterial 39]

Ritualer, Blot & Botgöring is the vinyl re-release of Trepaneringsritualen’s first tape, originally issued on Harsh Head Rituals in 2008 in a tiny edition of 75 copies. All head-experiments contained herein work on quite simple and primitive levels in the good, old-fashioned industrial way, with less focus on layering and vocals. Suggestive hell-drones and slow grinding dungeon electronics with a concrete edge - toward the inevitable, lifeless end.
Collaboration release between the Swedish Strömkarlen and the German Verlautbarung labels. Edition of 250 copies in printed black and white sleeves.

Image is the original tape cover. 

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